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Announcing Nekudah System for Spiritual Renewal DVD

After close to a year in development, we’re ready to announce our Nekudah Spiritual Renewal DVD is now available. Two books based on its content and art are almost ready for the printer. Response so far has been very positive, from a diverse sampling of viewers. The A/V equipment should be arriving soon G-d willing, and, leaving some time for practice, we should be ready to start booking live presentations very soon.

Not only is it significant as our entrance into the presentation arena, but also because if its content and its form. More than simply an explanation of a concept, it is a step by step system to reach a spiritual result, in this case, an experience of daily spiritual renewal, freshness, focus and purpose. And in form, this is not merely a Powerpoint presentation, but a total multimedia experience involving quality art, video and music to deepen and enhance the experience for lasting, life changing impact. Our goal is to engage the viewer on all levels, particularly in combination with the experience of Tzfas itself, which puts the whole thing into a tangible, real context. In Tzfas, the spiritual is a tangible reality.

We still need your help to make this a reality, both to publish the materials and to publicize them. Please help us at this crucial stage.

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