About Us

Nekudah Institute is a new non-profit organization dedicated to Jewish outreach and cultural enrichment. It harnesses the power of Jewish creativity to deliver the profound insights of our tradition in an engaging and captivating way, through multimedia presentations, and to deepen that experience through ongoing online courses.

By demonstrating how Jewish creativity can be used to enhance and express our culture and ideals, we can target Jewish creatives to use their talents within a Jewish context, and thereby both increase their own Jewish involvement and influence others to do so as well.

All of this is made possible by the broadness and dynamism of the Nekudah principle, which is the subject of our presentation project Nekudah Program for Spiritual Renewal. This concept, drawn from the works of the Maharal, Ramak, and many Chassidic works, explains how by returning to our source, the point at the beginning of creation, where there is total unity before things are defined, we can experience humility, energetic and spiritual renewal, and meaningful change to discover our true potential.

Special thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Howard Jonas for their generosity and support.

Nekudah Institute Inc. is a registered non-profit organization with the State of NY. Federal ID #81-1816788. 501 (3)(c) exemption status is approved. Address is 7 Laura Pl, Spring Valley, NY 10977

About the Director

self-portrait-sketch2Reb Shaya Guttman, founder and director of the Institute, has long been using his variety of talents for the furtherance of Jewish experience. In his teens, he was already teaching cantorial skills, writing and directing Jewish plays, and composing Jewish music. Upon graduating summa cum laude from the University of Minnesota music school, he married and moved to New York, where he eventually returned to his roots in the Chassidic world, his great-grandfather having been a Tolner chossid in a Ukrainian shtetl. This transformation led him to new insights into the meaning of Jewish music and Jewish culture as a whole, as explained in a feature article about him in Mishpacha Magazine, Jan. 15, 2015 edition.

Over the years, he has served the Jewish community as a provider of Cholov Yisroel milk products in the midwest through his company Finest Offerings, and since 1987 providing graphic and web design services through his studio Creative Ideal Inc. as art director for Jewish publications such as Good Fortune Magazine, Jewish Holiday Consumer, The Network of NJ, Kosher Today, and Chai Today, as well as numerous kosher food companies and other Jewish owned businesses and institutions.

Since moving to Israel in 2004, first to Beit Shemesh and then to Tzfat, he has produced 4 music CDs. A video based on his first CD has reached over 750K views, and its soundtrack was licensed for use in the new Jewish Museum in Moscow. He has also developed a large portfolio of digital artworks, some of which are sold on the JewsAlive.com website which he developed.

For the past 40 years, Reb Shaya has been a respected member of Jewish communities in Brooklyn, Minneapolis/St. Paul, Monsey, Beit Shemesh and now Tzfat. He is often asked to speak and play at gatherings for various occasions, and is now concentrating his efforts on building Nekudah Institute.