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New Jewish Music Course Launched

As our first project utilizing Google’s AdGrants program, which provides free Adwords ads for qualifying non-profits, we have launched a four part email course on the basics of Jewish music. In return for a sign-up, we send out the free course together with free downloads of tracks from Reb Shaya’s four albums, following up with an offer to purchase a bundle of all four albums at 35% off the list price. We are already getting several new signups a day to add to our mailing list, which is quite encouraging. You can sign up for the course here.

Our New Home: the Kosov Shul

We’re announcing plans to use the Kosov Shul as a base for our operations. The historical shul, located in the heart of the Old City of Tzfat, right after the famous Artists’ Tunnel, will be open during afternoon hours in the season, to display our materials and host presentations. It’s presently undergoing major renovations, but we hope to still salvage at least part of the summer season. You can find out more about our plans here.

Announcing Nekudah System for Spiritual Renewal DVD

After close to a year in development, we’re ready to announce our Nekudah Spiritual Renewal DVD is now available. Two books based on its content and art are almost ready for the printer. Response so far has been very positive, from a diverse sampling of viewers. The A/V equipment should be arriving soon G-d willing, and, leaving some time for practice, we should be ready to start booking live presentations very soon.

Not only is it significant as our entrance into the presentation arena, but also because if its content and its form. More than simply an explanation of a concept, it is a step by step system to reach a spiritual result, in this case, an experience of daily spiritual renewal, freshness, focus and purpose. And in form, this is not merely a Powerpoint presentation, but a total multimedia experience involving quality art, video and music to deepen and enhance the experience for lasting, life changing impact. Our goal is to engage the viewer on all levels, particularly in combination with the experience of Tzfas itself, which puts the whole thing into a tangible, real context. In Tzfas, the spiritual is a tangible reality.

We still need your help to make this a reality, both to publish the materials and to publicize them. Please help us at this crucial stage.

We’re Approved! 501c3 Status Granted

We have been approved as a Public Non-Profit Organization according to section 501c3 of the US Tax Law. All contributions are now officially tax deductible.

Approbations from Leading Rabbonim

Nekudah Institute has achieved the approbation of leading rabbonim, all of whom know Director Reb Shaya Guttman personally and acknowledge the importance of his work. The warm support he has received from these authorities has given him the necessary encouragement to continue his preparations, despite the tight financial situation and having to bear the brunt of the initial efforts in establishing the new organization. With G-d’s help, we shall prevail!

Welcome to Our New Site

Having reached a plateau with our JewsAlive.com site development, waiting for funding to advance to the next stage, we turned our attention to creating our own non-profit fundraising site. Since we’ve now incorporated as a non-profit, and we’re actively seeking donations, it became necessary to present our goals, projects, and materials in an easily accessible medium. Plus, it gives us a way to collect donations online, a popular form of giving these days.

As usual, once you get started, you keep finding things to add. So we had to include examples of our projects, testimonial letters, and a store for additional fundraising as well, even though some of these are already on the JewsAlive.com site. We also felt it important to have an events section, even though we don’t have any scheduled yet, just to show what we hope things will look like in the near future, G-d willing, and with your support.

There’s also a place to volunteer to get involved, by hosting presentations, publicizing, and soliciting contributions. And, of course, we’re always open to your suggestions and comments.

We hope that not only will the site be a worthy representative of our organization, but also an interactive, lively place that will help us grow and keep in touch with our friends and supporters.

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