What Do You Know About Jewish Music?

  • What Chassidic Rebbe composed a song instead of having anesthesia as his leg was being amputated?
  • Why did a Rebbe buy a song from a non-Jewish shepherd?
  • What is “free-form melody” in Jewish music?
  • What uniquely Jewish music form derives from the ancient Temple service?
  • What does “klezmer” mean, and where did it come from?
  • …and many more fascinating facts…

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Day 1: One popular genre is noticeably Jewish sounding, the inimitable Klezmer. What is it, and how does it work? Free track: “Wedding Waltz” from “Old Jewish Melodies from Russia/Ukraine”

Day 2: The uniqueness of Jewish freeform melody, and its application in Jewish liturgical music, chassidic music, and daily life. Discover the meditative and therapeutic side of Jewish music. Free track: “Expansive” from “Healing for the Soul”

Day 3: We explore and explain the music of the most musical Jewish movement: chassidism. How is it different, and what role does music play in its culture? Free track: “Koh Echsof” from “Songs of the Tzaddikim.”

Day 4: What’s going on today in Jewish music? What styles are dying out, and which ones have survived and even expanded? What’s the outlook for the future? Free track: “Aishes Chayil” from “40 Year Journey.”


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