Nekudah System for Daily Spiritual Renewal


Nekudah System for Daily Spiritual Renewal

Experience the DVD version of our life-changing multimedia presentation.

Product Description

This is the DVD version of our live multimedia presentation. It includes a five-part explanation, utilizing a fascinating blend of narration, music and art, of the Nekudah System, a unique step-by-step program for achieving daily spiritual renewal by understanding our essence and returning to the source. Just watching the DVD induces an altered state of consciousness, but actually applying its principles causes lasting change, including increased energy and passion for life. In addition, the modules are interspersed with immersive musical slideshows featuring gorgeous photo-art of Tzfas: its alleys, shuls, homes, landscapes and flowers. It will soon be available in two books: one with the text of the narration and original fractal art, and the other with the artwork from the Tzfas slideshows entitled “The Mystique of Tzfas.”

Here are some responses from viewers:

““Gorgeous artwork, beautiful music, and powerful message!”Avrohom Loewenthal, Kabbalah artist, Tzfas

“In Rabbi Guttman’s DVD on the Nikkudah I found the teaching of who I am, for real – in essence, given over with depth, precision, and beauty.  I even saw the message of this video illustrated in the stunning artwork that is uniquely Tzfat – everything is moving and alive/holy.  I even heard/felt the same true message through the music – pure sounds and melodies revealing the bare Jewish soul. I believe that the more we can integrate the ideas in this video, the closer we move towards redemption, both individually and as a nation.  It’s where we have to go.

“It’s so fitting that this work of Torah comes out of Tzfat – a land, in my experience, that radiates humility = awareness of HaSh-m as One = ain od milvado.” –  Sarah S.
Ramat Beit Shemesh

“When I saw the presentation, I felt like this is exactly what I need right now. This is life, this is what’s it’s all about. Nothing else is important.

“It just grabbed me and I was so taken in by the sounds and sights. It meets you where you’re holding now; next year if I see it again, I’ll probably see something else in it.

“It’s simple, but so deep and profound at the same time. If you’re ever upset, just watch it and you’ll get to your “happy place.” Everyone will get something different form it depending where they’re at.

“It’s the epitome of Tzfat.” – Shira S., Tzfat


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