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New Jewish Music Course Launched

As our first project utilizing Google's AdGrants program, which provides free Adwords ads for qualifying non-profits, we have launched a four part email course on the basics of Jewish music. In return

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Our New Home: the Kosov Shul

We're announcing plans to use the Kosov Shul as a base for our operations. The historical shul, located in the heart of the Old City of Tzfat, right after the famous Artists' Tunnel, will be open duri

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Announcing Nekudah System for Spiritual Renewal DVD

After close to a year in development, we’re ready to announce our Nekudah Spiritual Renewal DVD is now available. Two books based on its content and art are almost ready for the printer. Response so

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We’re Approved! 501c3 Status Granted

We have been approved as a Public Non-Profit Organization according to section 501c3 of the US Tax Law. All contributions are now officially tax deductible.

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Approbations from Leading Rabbonim

Nekudah Institute has achieved the approbation of leading rabbonim, all of whom know Director Reb Shaya Guttman personally and acknowledge the importance of his work. The warm support he has received

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Welcome to Our New Site

Having reached a plateau with our site development, waiting for funding to advance to the next stage, we turned our attention to creating our own non-profit fundraising site. Since we’

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