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Because our work is project oriented, you see and benefit from the results of your contribution. Besides enjoying the products, you can take pride in helping bring these extraordinary projects into existence, to share with the Jewish people and enrich our culture and heritage for our own and future generations.

Check Out These Projects In Progress:


Tzfat Center for Jewish Creativity

The Nekudah Institute has a new home! The Kehillah of Kosov, a historic shul in the heart of the old city of Tzfat, has graciously offered to house our programs. There, we will be able to give presentations to visitors and groups in a beautiful and atmospheric setting. We are planning to present a short


Ancient Wisdom of Israel

Now that we’ve begun to tap the power of Google’s AdGrant program, we’re developing an initiative that takes maximum advantage of its publicity potential. We will be selecting specific issues of universal interest that are high-traffic search terms on Google, and providing information and materials presenting the Jewish perspective on these issues. When they sign


Tehillim (Psalms) Music and Art

Next to the Chumash, King David's Book of Tehillim may well be next on the list of greatest treasures of the Jewish people. We intend to explore its depth of visual symbolism in video and art, while rendering the narratives in song and blending the two into a unique experience.


Purim CD/DVD: The Funniest Purim Band th...

In spirit of the most “fun” day on the Jewish calendar, we’re preparing a hilarious take-off on the Purim shtetl band, with animated characters and bloopers galore. Guaranteed to add to joy of your Purim feast, party or festival. UPDATE: This video is in progress; it wasn’t finished in time for Purim this year, but


The Chasunah: Jewish Marriage Celebratio...

We explore the Jewish wedding: its meaning, music, and traditions, with the intention of reviving and revitalizing its practice in a way that gets back to the source.


Jewish Creative Collective: Exploring th...

The Tzfas community is full of artistic and musical talent, some internationally known and some waiting to be discovered. This project provides an outlet and vehicle for that discovery.


OTD Prevention: What We Can Do About It

Some young people brought up in religious homes are breaking their ties with Judaism and the Jewish people, and it is becoming an increasingly urgent issue. We provide a positive approach that can provide solutions and help prevent the devastation caused by breaking away.


Nekudah Spiritual Renewal Presentation

A live multimedia show on this ever popular theme, will inspire the Jewish youth and other tourists visiting Tzfat, as well as in communities throughout the US.


Jews Alive.com Web Site

This fully featured web site is the hub of our activities, providing a source for outreach and spiritual/cultural renewal. It provides content, develops community, displays our materials, and promotes our events. It has the potential to become a major resource on the web for quality, constantly updated fresh Jewish content, both creative and thought provoking.

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Details: Membership is $10/month, charged monthly. If you choose a one-time payment, donation of $120 and up entitles you to full membership benefits for the year. Donation of $180 and up can be tied to specific project, and you can add a dedication to be published when the product is released.

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You will be notified when a project is completed; most projects will be available incrementally to members along the way. Digital and web-based products are included at no extra charge, but physical CDs and DVDs are subject to a $5 flat rate shipping fee. Books, posters and art canvases will be available at 35% discount plus shipping. Nekudah Institute Inc is a non-profit tax-exempt US corporation; contributions are tax deductible. For further info, please contact us at info@nekudah.org